Free IP geolocation database downloads

The DB-IP Lite free database is a subset of the full database with reduced coverage and accuracy.

Free IP geolocation databases

The DB-IP Lite databases are subsets of the commercial databases with reduced coverage and accuracy. Lite downloads are updated monthly and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Licensing terms

The free DB-IP Lite database by DB-IP is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

You are free to use this database in your application, provided you give attribution to for the data.

In the case of a web application, you must include a link back to on pages that display or use results from the database. You may do it by pasting the HTML code snippet below into your code :

<a href=''>IP Geolocation by DB-IP</a>


Database Formats Date

IP to Country Lite

CSV, MMDB July 2024

IP to City Lite

CSV, MMDB July 2024

IP to ASN Lite

CSV, MMDB July 2024

Commercial versions

The commercial versions of the DB-IP Geolocation databases do not require attribution and include better accuracy, more records, additional information, daily updates and technical support.