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How to Combat E-commerce Fraud Using an IP Geolocation Database

Posted by db-ip on 2019 Nov 30

Digital commerce is vulnerable in ways that going to a brick-and-mortar store aren't. For example, an e-commerce store website can be hacked, and all customer data can fall into the wrong hands. Your identity can be stolen online and be used to commit awful cyber crimes. With the rise of digital commerce, fraud is becoming a big issue, and this is something that businesses must think about when operating on a day-to-day basis.

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10 Ways Online Retailers Can Utilize IP Geolocation

Posted by db-ip on 2019 Sep 25

Over the past several years, using IP geolocation has become increasingly popular among many retailers. Despite this growth, the benefits of being able to detect city by IP may not be apparent to many online retailers. Alongside this, many companies aim to seek how they can effectively utilize the technology.

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Latest Trends on IP Geolocation In The Market

Posted by db-ip on 2019 Aug 23

First of all GeoLocation works by simply taking your Internet Protocol (IP) address and identifies the country where you are in. Through this simple analytic tool, 99 percent of web surfers can be traced to their city and their country. Even a Virtual Private Network ( VPN) won't hide your IP address, because many websites use supercookies that help them identify your true location, and may even search databases to narrow your city down to a specific zip code.

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How A Geolocation Database Helps To Detect Online Fraud And Identity Theft

Posted by db-ip on 2019 Jul 29

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare — someone goes online, pretends to be you and they steal your home title, your credit, your very life. Identity theft has become a serious issue in this age of modern connectivity. Consumers can spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars fighting back and recovering their identities when they become victims to these thieves.

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