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Location-aware content

Know your visitors before they even sign in and customize their experience based on country, state, language, currency or connection speed. Using our IP geolocation tool, you can also implement geographic restrictions for your sensitive content or improve your ad targeting.

Traffic survey

Get insights about your core market demographics through IP geolocation, and discover new hidden opportunities and emerging trends. Add location awareness to your network security stack.

Risk analysis

Defend your infrastructure against cyberattacks, identify risky situations and account for originating country, proxy or Tor usage in your scoring process. Compare visitor geolocation with known customer data to detect online fraud and identity theft.

Billions of requests served

Global network

Our server infrastructure is highly redundant and spans over multiple continents. We use anycast routing so your request always reaches the nearest server and is answered lightning fast.

Accurate and up to date

We aggregate data from a great number of sources and through agreements with several large ISPs for accurate IP address geolocation. Our API services receive near real-time updates and will give you the most up to date information.

Ultra scalable

Do you need more than what our standard API plans have to offer ? We can build your own private API infrastructure to handle any kind of load or special needs, just contact us.

Features highlights

IP address Geolocation

Our geolocation data set covers the whole IPv4 and IPv6 address spaces with more than 1.5 million unique locations in 200,000+ cities worldwide. It is interoperable with popular third party geographic services such as the Geonames open database.


Show your non-english speaking visitors the place names they are used to. We support state, district and city name localization in more than fifty languages including Chinese, Russian, Farsi, Spanish, French and live amount conversions for more than 50 currencies.

Threat level assessment

Protect your web application, customer data and network infrastructure from cyber attacks. Our threat level indicator is computed in real-time from several security flags such as anonymous proxy usage or known attack sources.

	isCrawler: false,
    isProxy: true,
	proxyType: "vpn",
    threatLevel: "high",
    threatDetails: [

Dashboard and alerts

From your API dashboard you are able to manage your keys, watch your API usage in real-time and analyze its historical trends. You may also setup email alerts whenever you go near or over your daily quota.

Easy integration

It only takes a few minutes to add IP geolocation awareness to your application. Our API uses RESTful semantics supported by all major development platforms, and we offer free open-source API query libraries and CSV import tools.

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try {
	$info = DBIP\Address::lookup($_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]);
	if ($info->threatLevel === "high") {
		header("Status: 403 Forbidden");
	setlocale(LC_ALL, $info->languages[0]);
	echo sprintf(_("Hello visitor from %s !"), $info->city);
} catch (DBIP\ServerError $e) {
	// Invalid key or address


Our team is here to solve any issue you might have and will do everything to help you, with every subscription you get access to email support so you will never be left alone with unanswered technical questions.


There are some cases where you just need the raw data at hand. Need to look up information by ISP or organization ? Extreme low-latency requirements ? Our CSV IP address geolocation downloads are updated daily and include most of the data available via API calls.

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IP database downloads

Free IP-to-country and IP-to-city downloads

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