- IP Address Geolocation or dsl-static-81-140-86-32.in-addr.broadbandscope.com is an IPv4 address owned by British Telecommunications PLC and located in Edgware (Colindale), United Kingdom

Address typeIPv4  
ASN6871 - PLUSNET UK Internet Service Provider
ISPBritish Telecommunications PLC
Connection typexDSL
OrganizationBt Mbb

  Security rating
CrawlerProxyAttack source
No   No   No  

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CountryUnited Kingdom  
State / Region England
District / County Greater London
City Edgware (Colindale)
Zip / Postal codeNW9
Weather stationUKXX0994 - Mill Hill
Coordinates51.5902, -0.25177
TimezoneEurope/London (UTC)
Local time
Languagesen-GB, cy-GB, gd
CurrencyPound (GBP)

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United Kingdom

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